'A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way.' John Maxwell

Leadership is the foundational behaviour to Agile. New behaviours and self discovery for IT managers and leaders.
Our companies go Agile and new leadership challenges arise. As we found out working with many clients, the Scrum trainings do not provide answers to many questions, especially those which people responsible for managing the organization might have. Do we need a traditional structure? Who is going to take care about technical excellence? Who and when should give correctional feedback to the team or to a members of the team. Should we carry on with performance appraisals? What is the role of the leader in a Scrum/Agile environment? How to lead people with feedback, without the downsides of “Command and Control” approach?


  • two day intensive workshop, full of exercises, discussion, discoveries  and experiences
  • focused on changing behaviours and underlying habits and beliefs
  • targeted at leaders and managers

After the course you will

  • recognize and deal with complex problems in practice
  • feel the difference between leading and managing
  • foster self-organization
  • be a leader for a team, empowering not limiting
  • grow people and teams
  • focus on people and environment, not the processes

Course outline

  • understanding, limiting and reducing complexity (Cynefin)
  • gradual process of fostering self-organization (boundaries and attractors)
  • hypothesis model for complex management problems
  • feedback as non command and control management tool
  • cognitive biases
  • leadership stances

Who is this training for?

  • executives, managers, team leaders, competence managers,
  • formal and informal leaders and people with organizational influence
  • Scrum Masters committed to helping teams and organizations
  • leaders who want to lead, change and act
  • agile adoption sponsors
  • those who can or want to make serious changes in organizations
  • non-fluffy coaches
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