Inspired People. Better Products.
Your organisation. Our actions. Long lasting changes.
Agility in a pragmatic and effective way.
Holistic approach. Incremental changes. Tools that match your context.


Adaptive organisations

We will help you plan and execute the process of changes towards adaptive and resilient organisation. Together we will set goals, directions and metrics of change.

Agile trainings and coaching

Training programmes which will suit your individual needs. Validated techniques and tools to grow your leaders and teams.

Organisational design

Agile does not match your needs? We will help diagnose, plan and execute restart of your transformation programmes which will allow you to achieve expected benefits of being agile.



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Adaptiveness is a part of our DNA

Agile Rebels

Our goal is to help you design your organisation so it be more adaptive. Together, we create a team able to sustain and continuously reinforce positive change in your organisation. We provide set of trainings and workshops needed to efficiently start usage of agile methods to companies belonging to a wide range of markets – from startup, through small-middle business and international organisations.

Krzysiek Kosacki

Agilist, empiricist, football fan. Honest, composed, trustworthy. Optimistic but well informed. Prefers value creation to software delivery. Fighting in silence against the complexity of everyday software life. Still trying to convince others that one can be productive using Windows. Straightforward as a brick is. Respectful as Michał and courageus as Radek. Almost vegan. Open as safe is.

Radek Lont

Community builder, full of empathy. Competent and inspirational speaker. Together with Krzysiek are more open than Tomek. 10% of Adam’s sarcasm. Some people say Jude Law is his twin brother;) He knows who the vegan is. Loves Lodz as much as developing and growing development teams. True fan of lean manufacturing.


As vegan as Andrzej and bit more empathic than Tomek and Krzysiek together. As open as sarcastic and courageous to tell how the world is – in real. Focused on growing and developing leadership in people he works with. You will love him, or love him 🙂


Engineering nature (twice as serious as Krzysiek, one third fun of Adam, integral as cereal) and rebel soul. Resistant to voodoo-like coaching. From the day one of his professional career he was dealing with complex systems in a large scale organizations. Scrum Master and manager – at your service. Fully focused to get the job done.


Project Manager and Manager, reeducated in a long and painful process to become an Agile Coach. Partly vegan, cyclist, still believing that the corporate software world is worth taking care of. Shares his passion for wood with kids. Empathic, warm and caring. Aware of his values and transparency. 5% of Radek’s sarcasm.


Developer, manager, Scrum Master. Half the good looks of Radek. The person we send when our invoices don’t go through. Integral as good old-style monolythic software. As crossfunctional as devops, veganosceptic. Trying hard to unleash the energy and intelligence in others. Others try to understand the intelligence in him.