‘The only source of knowledge is experience.’ ― Albert Einstein

Scrum may be hard to implement. The Professional Scrum Foundations™ training comes in handy. It is the proven way to kickstart Scrum in a team. Many of early-stage pitfalls can be easily avoided. This two-day training helps start effectively using Scrum immediately. The Scrum framework, mechanics, and roles within Scrum are introduced. The practical application of Scrum framework is a central point of Professional Scrum Foundations™ training.


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two day intensive workshop.

for everyone who wants to start using Scrum method or refresh Scrum understanding

one attempt to get Professional Scrum Master [PSM] certification


you will

have a practical experience of working in Scrum

know fundamentals of Scrum theory and principles,

know Scrum framework,

understand the concept of cross functional self-organising teams,

understand the importance of Done and its role in building transparency,

learn how to build Product Backlog items, to plan with agility,


what’s it really about

Agile and Scrum. Why Scrum? The difference between incremental and prescriptive development. How Scrum solves fundamental problems with complexity in software development.

Scrum framework. Roles, artifacts and events in Scrum. The role of timeboxing. Tips and techniques. Monitoring the development progress.

Getting started. How to get going with Your Scrum. How to introduce Scrum to your team and organisation.

Scrum Planning. Estimation tools. Building a Product Backlog. Role of Product Owner in successful value creation.

Keeping Scrum healthy. The Scrumbut’s – “We do Scrum but we don’t …”. Common misunderstandings and mistakes to avoid. Helpful tools and behaviours.

Getting started. How to get going with Your Scrum. How to introduce Scrum to your team and organisation.

Question and Answer session. Sharing learnings and trainer experience


everyone interested in broadening the usage and efficiency of Scrum

everyone who wants to start using Scrum


Scrum Masters

Product Owners

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