Agile for HR

Hire character. Train skill. – P. Schutz

Is your organisation thinking about agile? Are your employees concerned about changing roles and responsibilities? What kind of benefits and risks can Scrum bring? Does your current structure support new directions? Should it be changed? How? What will happen to middle management? How can we change organization culture to support agile mindset? What can I, as HR employee, do to drive this change? Is agile for me? Can I use agile in my department and how? What should be the first steps? If you are asking yourself those questions or maybe already trying to figure out how to shift your departments into agile – this training is exactly for you.

As Agile Rebels, we cooperate with and support many organisations. Some of them forgot about HR during their transitions to agile and paid the price. Sustainable change requires support on all levels in organisation. Agile HR should be a crucial pillar in modern organisation.


too long; didn’t read. Can’t be asked, huh?;)

two day intensive workshop

learn how HR can support agile transformation

for HR and HRBP managers and specialists


you will

discover and understand the mechanics of Scrum framework

understand behaviours and characteristics of healthy agile team

understand the importance of Done and working Increment and their role in building transparency

understand the impact on traditional management on creative processes

define steps to increase organisational support for agile movement

define role of HRBP in agile organisation


what’s it really about

Agile history and principles. Why Agile? The difference between incremental and prescriptive development. Empirical process control. Agile manifesto and its impact on organisational culture.

Scrum framework. Roles, artifacts and events that enable new management paradigm. Timeboxing. Dos and don’ts. Predictability and empirical model. Risk management. Progress monitoring.

Agile dictionary – who is who and what is what in agile.

Self-organising team. Competencies, mindset and attitude of agile team.

Myths about agile.

Why agile transformations fail and how to prevent it.

Role of modern HR.

HR tools and their impact on self-organisation.

Agile benefits for HR.


everyone interested in broadening the usage and efficiency of agile and Scrum transformation

HRBP and HR specialists

leaders and managers preparing organisations to transformations

everyone interested in broadening the usage and efficiency of agile and Scrum transformation

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