Professional Scrum Master™

Is PSM training for me?

Do you want to make better use of Scrum? Learn why it was created this way? Be able to make better use of it in your organization? PSM training is the right choice for you.

Do you want to get quality certification with the organization led by one of the founders of Scrum, Ken Schwaber? PSM is definitely for you.

There’s no need for Scrum to be a dogma for your team. Dive deeper in its understanding and value system. Get the perspective of other practitioners and the experienced trainer.

Useful things to do before training

To get most of the PSM training it is useful to get familiar with the basic mechanics of Scrum. Gain this knowledge by reading (for example Przewodnika po Scrumie) or during foundational training (for example Professional Scrum Foundations™ (PSF)). Practical Scrum experience in organization and/or team is a plus. It is also good to pass the Scrum Open exam before the training.

Who is the trainer?

The course is taught by Adam MichalczykProfessional Scrum Trainer, co-founder of Agile Rebels.

Adam’s experience includes working with 20+ teams at Allegro Group. He was the person responsible for training and development of Scrum Masters for more than two years. Now an Agile and Executive coach working with teams and organizations. In his portfolio, there are experience with startups, game development companies to huge corporations. His main focus is to inspire leadership and software development perfection. A long-time organizer of Agile Coach Camp Poland.

What am I paying for?

The training fee includes:

  • Two-day intensive training, great amount of knowledge and experience,
  • printed training materials,
  • voucher for Professional Scrum Master I exam (on-line),
  • voucher for Professional Scrum Master II (on-line) at a discounted (150 USD) price [regular price 250 USD],
  • lunches, drinks, and snacks.

Additional info

Training in conducted in Polish.

More about the training

This training is much more than a lecture or Power Point slides. Practical knowledge and experience play a crucial role for Professional Scrum Master’s daily activities. Participants will work together so that all the trainees can get maximum benefits. By seeing the perspectives of other practitioners, they will be able to explore more points of view. The different experiences, once integrated, can be used to improve the way software is developed and products delivered.

PSM students will gain a deeper understanding of the roles they play in software development. Thanks to that they can effectively support communication and solve complex problems at every step of the process.


Oct 05 2017 - Oct 06 2017


09:00 AM - 05:00 PM




Warszawa - Adgar Park West
Adam Michalczyk


Adam Michalczyk
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