Agile and Scrum Basics and Advanced Practices. Trainings for Teams, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, Leaders and Executives.


Scrum is the most commonly used adaptive methods for software development. It performs exceptionally well with high-risk or high-complexity projects. Scrum founders (Ken Schwaber, Jeff Sutherland) usually don’t call it a methodology or a process, but framework around which the team organisation evolves.

Scrum Basics (1 day)

Scrum basic training.
If you want to get a taste of Scrum, this is it. The difference between Scrum and other methodologies, essentials of agility in software development. The scrum process, iterations, roles, events, responsibilities. How to start with Scrum in Your environment.
Training for groups, upon request.

Professional Scrum Master (2 days)

Become the Scrum Master. Maximise the value of using Scrum. The goal of the training is to equip you with the necessary knowledge to work with Scrum, understand behaviours and strategies needed to decrease time-to-market, increase productivity and predictability of work. The workshop is held under licence and enables certification (PSM I).

Scrum Experience (2 days)

Get familiar with and start using Scrum. You will take part in workshop combining both lecture and training to make it possible for you to start using one of the most widely recognized agile frameworks right away. We focus on experience exchange and discussing the most common challenges met by teams. Inspiration and motivation is an important part of this training. Private or public classes.

Product Owner Experience (3 days)

How to deliver the product of the best quality for a good prize? The goal of the workshop is to equip you with the knowledge, skills and attitude needed for good Product Owner work. We especially emphasise the practice and difficult situations from PO life. The last day includes unique simulation of product development: Private classes only.

Professional Scrum Foundations (2 days)

Experience Scrum in practice. The goal of the training is enabling the participants to start doing effective Scrum right after the course. It covers the origins, mechanics of Scrum with underlying values and empiricism. Increase productivity and predictability of work.
The workshop is held under license. simulation game (1 day)

Simulation based board game. We’ve created PRODUCTIFY.IT board game so you can experiment with complexity of product development in one day class. Experiences collected from many organisations compressed to nicely designed game. Private or public classes.


Agile software development methods don’t end on software development teams. Well working team requires very good operating organisation. Without effective management support, agile transformation will be slowed down or even stopped. During our training classes we break management stereotypes, we show consequences of traditional management styles. Their impact on results and people. We prove also, that agile is about discipline, business value focus and continuous improvement processes – all of this without stick and carrot, but still with management support and governance.

Agile Leadership Experience (2 days)

How to lead to self-organisation? In this training we focus on leader’s rocky road to agile organisation. We emphasise how to pick up leader’s approach to concrete situation, how to set goals, boundaries and define attractors. We combine solid knowledge pill with experience exchange. Important aspect is learning and practicing how to give and take feedback. Private or public classes.

Agile for executives (1 day)

How to lead organisation to agility? Case-studies, knowledge and experience from the trances. Class dedicated to leaders and executives. We present new paradigm of software development and product management. We explain what are the new management responsibilities. We share experience, good and poor practices we observe during our cooperation with clients.
Private classes only.


Lean software development is an application of lean manufacturing principles and practices to software development methods. Although manufacturing and software creation differs a lot, both deal with process control and value optimization problems. That’s way, years of lean manufacturing experience bring great insights about how to optimize the whole development chain, apply supporting tools (like visualisation) and practices (pull systems). Our lean classes are not only great base but also very useful extension to Scrum classes. Understanding of value stream concepts and ways of dealing with waste, you can significantly increase your effectiveness of value delivery.

Lean Experience with Kanban (2 days)

Kanban and waste elimination. Improvements in value delivery within IT departments. During this class you will learn about lean principles and useful tools which will allow you immediately start with your own implementation. You will learn also how to map value stream to your process, visualise work in progress and measure work being done.
Private or public classes.