‘Trying to please everyone would not only be challenging but would also result in a feature-rich product that might not satisfy anyone.’ – R.Pichler

Product Owner is a key player in Scrum Product delivery. This is the person who actually decides how to spend money when delivering software. Decides what to build. When to build and ship it. Optimizes the revenue. Analyses the competitors market. Ensures focus. Reduces waste. Prioritizes items. Listens to stakeholders. The Leader of the product. Also leader for development teams. Poses great power and great responsibilities too.

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two day intense workshop + day of simulation game

for those who spend money building software

focused on changing behaviors and self discovery


you will learn

how to use backlog as a transparency tool

how to work with development team

why it is important to set clear expectations

how to estimate with the team

how to work with motivation

what is the difference between aggressive and assertive behaviour

how to use backlog as a roadmap

how to increase predictability with Scrum

how to interact with stakeholders

how to fight complexity in communication

how to fight technical debt

how to build and maintain backlog

how to act in proactive way


what’s it really about

innovation, product pitch, value discovery and ROI

complexity and empiricism (cynefin, PDCA)

effective use of KPI data, TCO and technical debt

Product Development Game

market, data, stakeholders, long term planning

Product Owner position in organizational matrix, leadership 101 – Product Development Game

short intro to Scrum


everyone interested in broadening the usage and efficiency of Scrum

Product Owners

Chief Product Officers

Project/Product Managers

Scrum Masters

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