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Why I do not provide best practice tips

Seeking for answers which I won’t provide During one of our last classes we got a question from one of our students – which best practices can we copy from you and introduce during our transformation process to make whole process simple and gain expected results quicker? This is kind…

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Rebellious Agile in Romania – #ACCRO17

In the life of a trainer – travelling has its special place. Special like getting a ticket for speeding. This time, however, I was looking forward to this trip. Agile Coach Camps are one of the kind. Professional and full of enjoyment. It feels great to meet people with shared…

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Making tools great again: planning poker

Just a few weeks ago we received a message from the good people at Spartez (, who have some impressive experience in building tools for agile software development. For those who don’t know, Spartez has been working closely with Atlassian for the past ten years. The proposal was to visit…

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HOW TO REORGANIZE BIGGER TEAMS INTO SMALLER ONES? So you are a leader and your organization decides to reorganize – change direction, start new initiative or even restructure as a whole. This decision will impact your teams and you. What should you do? SCRUM PERSPECTIVE Scrum does not give direct answers how to handle…

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Backlog you fool!

The illness A lot of teams i’ve met seem to have the same illness. The main symptom is a chronical lack of involvement. They seem not to be interested in their own work, not to mention any kind of affection towards the work of a fellow team member. All those…

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