'If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing.' W. E. Deming

Learn to reduce waste in software delivery. Minimise work in progress with kanban.
The aim of the two days long workshop is to experience Lean approach in IT and equip you with Kanban “toolbox”. IT version of kanban system differs from its production origins, as we process intangible information in more complex environment (business dynamics, different products etc.). The workshop enables experiencing basic concepts of visualisation, flow optimisation or work limits in IT context. In proves useful for software development, projects and portfolio work, operations and maintenance. Ask yourself: “in how many processes is my daily work engaged?” before coming to the workshop, cause we will use real life examples.


  • two day intensive workshop
  • focused on waste reducing flows and minimising work in progress
  • knowledge, exercises, experiments

You will be able to

  • analyse the flow and map value stream in order to start modelling the process,
  • make use of pull concept,
  • identify waste and react accordingly,
  • handle non-value adding activities, overburden and imbalance
  • create the kanban board and items in order to visualise the flow and make the work more transparent,
  • improve the kanban system continuously with 5Whys, 5S, A3s or Kano Model (depending on your needs)…

    …just after the workshop.

Course outline

  • why is it important to limit ongoing work (multitasking myth)
  • know the balance between resource and flow efficiency
  • board visualisation of processes in software environment
  • 3 basic flow laws and what to measure
  • plan & release just-in-time
  • easily understood Kaizen is pretty hard to maintain

Who is this training for?

  • Managers and people with process influence
  • Scrum Masters committed to helping teams and organizations
  • Leaders who want to manage the environment, not people
  • Agile adoption sponsors
  • Coaches focused on delivery
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