Case Study

Making tools great again: planning poker

Just a few weeks ago we received a message from the good people at Spartez (, who have some impressive experience in building tools for agile software development. For those who don’t know, Spartez has been working closely with Atlassian for the past ten years. The proposal was to visit them so they can show…

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HOW TO REORGANIZE BIGGER TEAMS INTO SMALLER ONES? So you are a leader and your organization decides to reorganize – change direction, start new initiative or even restructure as a whole. This decision will impact your teams and you. What should you do? SCRUM PERSPECTIVE Scrum does not give direct answers how to handle such situations. Some deeper understanding…

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Knowledge comes from experience and experience comes from being exposed to many different situations. Well, it’s obvious, right? Most of us work (or at least value more work) in cross-functional teams. Such conditions create great opportunity to play different roles, learn more and quicker. In the end gain more experience. In my career I played…

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